A proud Wakka Wakka man born in Rockhampton, David is an internationally renowed didgeridoo performer having spent the last 10 years performing locally, nationally and internationally. 

Learning traditional songs from his grandmother, David experienced first-hand the language and music of his people from an early age. Growing up in a musical family, David was influenced by his father and brother through his early years learning the basic foundations of music. 

Later to become a classically trained pianist and trombonist, it was throughout his later teenage years that he began performing more on didgeridoo. 

It was during his studies completing his BA in Music at the Queensland University of Technology that he would perform to a number of schools in a local Aboriginal dance troupe sharing music, song and dance to a wide variety of different audiences. 

David's skills as a didgeridoo player have taken him around the world performing in various markets in Europe, the USA, and Asia with a highlight performing at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to an estimated audience of 4 billion people. 

Through David's didgeridoo performances, he aims to further educate and encourage a wider understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture.